Image of Black Magic Lover


Image of Black Magic Lover
BLACK MAGIC LOVER (3) by Cynthia Cooke: After a phone call from someone who claims her mother, Delilah, is alive in the Louisiana backwoods, Laura Larame heads home to find the mother she hasn’t heard from in 20 years. Once there she reconnects with Drew Michel, the childhood friend who saved her from drowning the night Delilah vanished. Although they’re attracted to one another, Laura is focused on finding her mother, and Drew is haunted by the ghosts he sees and a premonition that Laura will soon be dead. Drew’s mother, a voodoo priestess, wants to sacrifice Laura so that her voodoo “god” can be reborn through Drew. Cooke gives readers a fascinating peek into the world of voodoo. Her rituals could have used a bit more description for color, however, and the ending of the story feels rushed. The final scene ends too quickly.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay