Its been a year since the brutal murder of FBI Agent Benton Wesley. Dr. Kay Scarpetta, her ATF Agent niece Lucy and Police Captain Joe Marino are all still grieving. In the past year, they have all drifted apart. A letter left by Benton to be delivered a year after his death jolts them all into looking hard at their emotions.

This emotional catharsis coincides with the realization that both Kays and Joe's careers are under attack by the new Police Deputy Chief Diane Bray. While Deputy Chief Bray can't demote Joe, she forces him back into uniform and tries to keep him off cases.

Ms. Bray seems equally determined to destroy Kay who finds that someone has been trying to sabotage her by impersonating her on the Internet.

Meanwhile, a strange new serial killer has arrived in town. Calling himself Loup-Garou or the Werewolf, this vicious killer is stalking the streets of Virginia. The case grows even more bizarre when Kay and Joe find themselves flying over to Interpol to discover more about this apparently international killer.

BLACK NOTICE is by far Ms. Cornwell's most emotionally intense and wrenching Scarpetta novel to date. As always, the plot is intriguing and the forensic details are fascinating and graphic. (Jul., 432 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith