Readers won't want to miss this scorching and riveting thriller. Karen Harper is rapidly becoming a major player when it comes to delivering unforgettable romantic suspense.

Jordan refuses to believe that Lawrence's death is a suicide, as there was no reason for Lawrence, to kill himself. Despite their floundering marriage, Jordan and Lawrence Quinn had agreed to stay together because of the research project Lawrence is working on. They were identifying why endangered Florida panthers don't develop feline AIDS. If the couple could uncover the reason, they hoped it could translate into use for humans.

The local Seminole Indian Tribe has reluctantly agreed to allow a team of scientists to track and help preserve the endangered panther. But when a group of men wearing native masks attack the panther team, tempers flare. Seth Cypress, Chairman of the Seminole Tribe, is worried by the attacks and the actions of his defiant younger brother Frank.

The recent upset brings Seth and Jordan together again. They were lovers in their teens, but family pressure drove them apart. Forced by circumstances to see each other again, Seth and Jordan discover that the flames of their passion continue to burn brightly. Together they set out to find the true culprits behind the recent activities.

However, the Everglades do not give up their secrets easily, and there are those who will kill to find the answers they desire.

(Dec., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith