It is the ultimate marriage of convenience. Alexandra Fallon is to marry Lucien Charbonneau to cement an alliance between their respective families. That they have never even met is not important, nor is eachs unwillingness to wed a stranger.

Alexandra and Lucien are joined together despite their declared objections. With more to lose, Alexandra concocts a daring scheme to escape her wastrel bridegrooms clutches and sets off to prove the archeological theories of her discredited father.

There is much more to Lucien than meets the eye, however. A man of many faces, he has no room in his life for love as he dons the guise of smuggler to cloak his role as rebel spy against the tyrannical forces of the Dominion. Still, when fate drops Alexandra back into his hands, he is determined to make her his, even if he must endanger himself in the process.

Although the heroine is sometimes foolishly impulsive, Ms. Zimlich has several neat plot twists up her sleeve to keep readers guessing right up to the last page. (Jun., 358 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer