Image of Black Rose: In the Garden Trilogy


Image of Black Rose: In the Garden Trilogy
For the past year, Rosalind Harper's mansion has been filled with the energy and sounds of young children. In addition to the two sons of In the Garden's manager Stella Rothchild, employee Hayley Philips' baby is growing like a weed.

There are only two major clouds on Roz's horizon: The fact that her ex-husband Bryce is back in town with a nasty harassment campaign, and the puzzling identity of the legendary Harper Bride ghost. To solve the second problem, Roz has hired noted genealogist Dr. Mitch Carnagie (who rapidly becomes a believer in ghosts after experiencing the Bride's fury up close and personal). After making such a dreadful mistake romantically with Bryce, does Roz have the guts to try again?

Black Rose, book two of the In the Garden series, unlocks a few more secrets in the Harper Bride mystery while building on this warm and lov- ing family drama, which is laced with strength and passion. Excellent as always! (Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith