The curse has followed Clan Riordan for centuries. Riordan brides die youngmost within a year and a day of the wedding. Thus, Cormac Riordan has sworn never to wed. But, the choice is not his to makehis father declares he must wed ODonnells daughter to end a feud.

In an effort to thwart the curse, Cormac leaves his bride on their wedding eve, and vows to stay away from her for a year and a day. He is sure that after such an insult to the ODonnells, his wife will leave him and he wont have to worry about losing a loved one. But Claire ODonnell has dreamed of wedding Cormac since they were introduced when she was a lass of 10. Knowing nothing of the curse, Claire is determined to get Cormac into her bed, positive she can stop the feud from flaring anew.

What ensues is a wonderfully heart-warming love story that will keep you enthralled till the end. Once again, Ana Seymour pens a remarkable tale of love and life with an endearing cast of characters we hope to read about again in future books. SENSUAL (Jun., 294 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor