Image of Black Widow


Image of Black Widow

Michael and Kathryn McAllister were a young married couple working hard to build a life in Elba, NC. One day, Michael returned home to find a killer waiting for him. A hysterical Kathryn was arrested as the prime suspect and convicted.

Four years later, after new evidence is uncovered, Kathryns conviction is overturned and she returns to Elba to discover the truth. The townsfolk firmly believe that she is the killer, however the new Police Chief Nicholas DiSalvo begins to have questions and Kathryn demands his assistance in locating the true killer.

The more time he spends with Kathryn, the more Nick feels the attraction between them growing. Kathryn knows that Wanita Crumley perjured herself at Kathryns trial. When Wanita is found murdered, Nick fears that Kathryn is going to be next.

Laurie Breton makes quite an impressive debut with her book BLACK WIDOW. Ms. Breton has penned a taut and exciting thriller that is laced with both romance and danger! (Nov., dl $6.49, reissued from Dec 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith