Image of Black Wings (Black Wings, Book 1)


Image of Black Wings (Black Wings, Book 1)

Fallen angels, demons and agents of death are all part of a hot new urban fantasy series launched by Henry. Readers are introduced to a hard-working heroine whose unusual job doesn’t prevent her from being plagued by annoying bureaucracy. Henry does an excellent job of unveiling the first layers of her unique world and its fascinating inhabitants. There’s plenty of kick-butt action and intriguing twists to ensure that this story grabs you from the very first page. One to watch!

Madeline Black’s bloodline means that she is an Agent of Death who guides souls as they pass over. For Maddy it is a job that comes with magical abilities and an impressive wingspan, but also an irritating boss. Then her friend and fellow agent Patrick is murdered and Maddy discovers that there is more to her handsome new tenant Gabriel Angeloscuro than meets the eye. Some nasty demons are suddenly gunning for Maddy and the reason why comes as a major surprise — for it appears Maddy’s family tree has some very unusual branches. (ACE, Dec., 304 pp., $7.99)

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