Image of Blackberry Winter: A Novel


Image of Blackberry Winter: A Novel

This novel’s jumping back and forth with each chapter, between its modern protagonist Claire and the life of a 1933 single mother, is a great tool for drawing parallels between the two lives. It makes the reader feel really invested in both, and keeps you hooked to the end. The ending, however, seems rushed and a little too clean. That being said, the tragic mystery at the heart of the story is still very engaging, and its solution, however rushed, is satisfying.

During a freak snowstorm in May 1933, single mother Vera Ray’s 3-year-old son Daniel disappears. On the same date in modern Seattle, another snowstorm hits. Assigned to the story, newspaper reporter Claire Aldridge discovers the unsolved disappearance from 1933. Feeling a kinship with Vera thanks to her own miscarriage a year earlier, Claire vows to solve the mystery. (PLUME, Oct., 304 pp, $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen