Popular romance author Aime Thurlo and her husband David debut a new series featuring Navajo FBI agent Ella Clah in BLACKENING SONG, a May hardcover.

Ella Clah is a woman of modern times and means, but her reservation-raised Navajo background is a large part of her being as well. When her father, a minister on the rez, is murdered, Ella returns home as a mourner.

She is not to remain grieving for long, however. Because her father's death had overtones of a ritual nature, and because the local police are getting nowhere questioning the Navajos, her brother ends up becoming the prime suspect. Ella must use a combination of her FBI training and her own Navajo background to catch the killer.

A believable, intriguing story, BLACKENING SONG is going to appeal not only to mystery fans, but to anyone who loves a story dealing with Native Americans. The Thurlos are master storytellers who know how to weave a tale sure to capture the reader's imagination, while the realistic touches of the story were achieved and enhanced by David Thurlo's experiences of being raised on a reservation. BLACKENING SONG is sure to whet your appetite for their next book in the series. (May, 384 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg