Claire Beauchamp's socialite life is turned upside down when she learns three days before her wedding that she was illegally adopted by her parents at the age of 3. Struggling against the impending panic brought on by her wedding, Claire makes a last-minute decision to call it off and meet her birth family. On her impetuous road trip through the South, Claire discovers she has missed a lot of things during her sheltered childhood—not the least of which is the attentions of an incredibly sexy man like Jacob Carver. Private detective Jake Carver is hired to find the girl and collect his check. The last thing he's interested in is sharing the confines of his car with her for four or five days. Jake and Claire discover many things about themselves and each other on their road-trip in That Blackhawk Bride (4.5) by Barbara McCauley. Not the least of which is that it's not your childhood that decides who you are as an adult, and love is not necessarily where you expect to find it.

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck