Image of Blacklands


Image of Blacklands

In her absorbing, psychological-suspense debut, Bauer deals with the aftermath of a horrendous crime and
its continued effect on a family's dynamic more than two decades later. A cat-and-mouse game is deftly set up between a young boy and the murderer himself. With an already taut and moody feel, the tension ratchets up degree by degree, keeping the reader on edge, wondering how it will all
go down.

Twelve-year-old Steven Lamb lives with his mother Lettie, younger brother Davey and his nan. Nineteen years ago, his uncle Billy Peters, then 11, disappeared and is believed to have been murdered and buried somewhere on Exmoor. At that moment, his nan went from being Lettie and Billy's mom to poor Mrs. Peters, and the family still hasn't recovered.

So Steven, desperate to know what happened, decides to search for his uncle's body, in hopes of healing his family. In doing so, he becomes involved in a dangerous game with a serial killer. (SIMON AND SCHUSTER, Jan., 221 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers