Image of The Blackmail Bargain


Image of The Blackmail Bargain
Appearances are very deceiving in Robyn Donald's enthralling The Blackmail Bargain (4.5). Peta Grey is not the image of a loose woman, but Curt McIntosh ignores his better instincts and makes an indecent proposal in an attempt to save his sister heartache. Penniless and afraid, Peta agrees to Curt's terms, but it isn't long before they are each surprised by the passion that flares between them and the very genuine feeling that emerge. But as misunderstandings and misconceptions mount up, will Curt see the truth about Peta before he loses her forever? This is a very well-crafted novel, full of love, heartache and passion. Readers will be swept up in this captivating love affair.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider