Margo Scott is terrified that she's losing her mind. Not only does she suffer from memory gaps and strange compulsions, but she's implicated in the murder
of Frank Temple, the deputy director
of Terrorism Control Force. Margo swears she didn't know the man,
but a picture of the two of them
says differently.

Agent Jake Wise considered Frank
a mentor and, ironically, Frank had requested that Jake monitor Margo just before he was killed. Neither Margo nor Jake is completely sure she didn't kill Frank, and a well-orchestrated trap seems to be closing in around Margo. With her inability to remember exactly who or what she is, the odds are not in her favor. Jake, however, is determined to get to the truth, and he will take whatever steps he deems necessary.

This amnesia-with-a-twist story
hooks you from the first page and
never lets you go. Together, the
reader and Margo discover tidbits
about Margo's past that are both
dangerous and riveting. Rising fast
to the top of the romantic suspense genre, Solomon doesn't disappoint. (Apr., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith