Image of Blackout (Cal Leandros)


Image of Blackout (Cal Leandros)

The old question of nature vs. nurture is on display in Thurman’s amazing new Cal Leandros novel. Thurman truly hits one out of the park with this disturbing tale of self-discovery, packed with macabre menace. The heart and soul of this series has been the rock-solid relationship between brothers; resetting it adds a bit of poignancy to the kick-butt action. Thankfully the one thing that doesn’t change is Cal’s gift for sarcasm.

To say he is confused is an understatement, when Cal wakes up on a beach with dead monsters all around him and no memory. The one thing he does know is that he is a killer. As Cal wanders into Nevah’s Landing, S.C., he is helped by several of the locals. Shortly thereafter, two men, one claiming to be his brother Niko and the other his friend Robin Goodfellow, arrive. Cal is not ready to trust anyone, but when they are attacked by more spider monsters, he decides to listen to his “brother.” But does the new Cal want to go back to being the old Cal? (ROC, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith