Image of The Blacksmith's Bravery (Ladies' Shooting Club)


Image of The Blacksmith's Bravery (Ladies' Shooting Club)

The third book in the Ladies Shooting Club series is full of adventure, romance and even a few bad guys thrown in for good measure! The talented Davis has given readers a true treasure with characters who have wit, grit and charm. The characters struggle with their faith as everyone does at one time or another, and they learn valuable lessons that keep them going day after day. Don’t miss the latest installment of this wonderful series.

Fergus, Idaho, 1887: Vashti Edwards wants to be a stagecoach driver more than anything else. She knows she has what it takes to get the stagecoach and passengers safely to the intended destination. She has her work cut out for her to convince Griffin Bane, the stagecoach manager, to let her dream come true. Griffin really does not want Vashti to drive, but he does not have enough drivers to cover all the runs, so he agrees to her crazy idea and prays she will survive. He is surprised at how well she drives the coach and lets her take more and more trips. When the stagecoach becomes a frequent target of hold-ups, the Ladies Shooting Club comes up with their own plan: They will each take a turn as a passenger to protect the coach and passengers from being robbed. By this time, Griffin has yet another issue to face. He is attracted to Vashti, as she is to him. Will they have a bumpy future or is there a smooth ride ahead for them? (BARBOUR, Nov., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans