Kara Marks wonders if she's losing her mind. Her sex drive has gone way up, and all she can remember is a sexy stranger named Adan—but not who he is, where he's from or whether or not she'll see him again.

Clan leader Adan Valnez is desperate to locate the Blackstar Crystal. Doing so will save his home planet, which is a thousand years ahead of modern-day San Francisco. It isn't long before his special sword picks up that the sought after crystal is located near Kara. Strongly attracted to her, Adan is forced to use thought power to make her forget his visits—even though he does take some sexual liberties with her while they're together.

An incredible secret and stark danger surround Kara, allowing Adan to spend more time with her—and to discover if intense desire is the only thing they have in common. This title titillates with voyeurism in an unusual world where Adan's and Kara's futures are literally hanging by a thread. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor