Image of Blackstone's Bride


Image of Blackstone's Bride

The next in Moore’s Sin trilogy masterfully blends a second chance at romance with espionage, creating a well-paced, satisfying read that engages both the mind and the heart.

After five years of captivity, Lord Blackstone comes home to discover he is still considered a notorious, impoverished rake. The only way he can reclaim his reputation is to work for the government as a spy. His first assignment places him in the position of faux fiancé to the woman he betrayed. Violet Hammersley hasn’t forgotten how Blackstone shamed her, but she plays along in order to find her missing brother. Underpinning their investigation is a sizzling desire waiting to explode. As they come closer to unmasking the villains, Violet uncovers Blackstone’s secrets: secrets that could bring them closer together, or thrust them apart. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Aug., 289 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin