With its Shakespearean comedy-of-errors quality, this fun, fast and sexy romance is a love-and-laughter banquet. Galen tickles the funny bone while titillating the senses in her provocative tale of marriage by mistake.

Earl's daughter Madeleine Fullbright is determined to undermine her father's plans for her marriage by eloping with an honorable philanthropist.

She doesn't expect her best friend, Ashley, to be in the carriage, or to have her coach commandeered by the Blackthorne brothers, Lord Nicholas and Lord Jack, who are running from the murderous Lord Blevens. Blevens' attempts to stop them are foiled by Ashley's schemes, which include running through the countryside and bumping into Madeleine's irate father and Blevens' trigger-happy henchmen.

During their escape, Madeleine and Jack find time to enjoy a few delicious kisses. Then they find that a drunken "priest" has married Madeleine to Jack. What was smoldering in the woods comes to a blaze in the bedroom. But the vengeful Blevens will do whatever he can to make this marriage anything but simple and safe. (Avon, Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin