Part two of the saga that began with Blackwind: Sean and Bronwyn, this novel will best be understood by those who've read the first installment. It's a fascinating story of imaginative creatures, ordinary humans and the strength and power of a woman in love. Some scenes can be horrifying, and in one instance the heroine's mind is possessed as she is forced into having sex.

After the loss of the man she loves, her child and her father, Dr. Bronwyn McGregor takes a job at Baybridge, an exceptionally high-security prison. Accompanying her is her dog and an elderly Nightwind, who is guarding her for Nightwind Danyon Hart to claim her for his own.

But Bronwyn is drawn to Captain Viraiden, a Reaper, someone who hosts alien parasites and in turn is granted alien abilities. Viraiden, however, is more connected to Bronwyn than she can imagine.

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Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley