Image of Blackwolf's Redemption


Image of Blackwolf's Redemption
BLACKWOLF'S REDEMPTION (4) by Sandra Marton: Sienna is on Montana's Blackwolf Mountain as part of an anthropological team when she's suddenly flung back in time to 1975. Jesse Blackwolf, the Native American owner of the property, is not happy to see this "ex-hippie" artifact thief on his land. Sienna can't even begin to adapt to life 35 years in the past. Only Jesse and the nights they share keep her sane. The couple even makes plans for a future together when fate threatens to separate them forever. Although this story is not typical of the Presents line, the characters are well crafted and Marton has made the 21st-century-woman-in-1975 story realistic and funny at the same time.
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes