Anne Rice lures you into the dark world of the vampire with the intriguing words of newly made vampire Quinn Blackwood's letter. Quinn has long been haunted by a demon-doppleganger (the Goblin), but the presence has become stronger and more vicious since he became a vampire. He must find a way to control or be rid of this "creature," so he writes to Lestat for help.

The story sweeps from the deep South and his home, the majestic Blackwood Farm, to ancient Greece and 19th-century Italy. Ultimately, Quinn's search leads back to the deadly swamps of New Orleans. It's his love for Mona Mayfair that will save him in the end.

BLACKWOOD FARM is an integral part of the Vampire Chronicles and though readers new to Ms. Rice will no doubt be mesmerized by her exquisite, hypnotic prose, true fans will have the benefit of "knowing" the characters well enough to feel that they have attained another level in the story begun in Interview With the Vampire.

For all the darkness in vampire novels, there is still a light, a hopefulness and a true feeling of fulfillment at the end. It seems Ms. Rice is tying up threads from her previous novels to bring closure to one area and open doors into another so readers remain enthralled. (Oct., 525 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin