The second book of the Bridei Chronicles contains fierce battles, betrayal and romance, which all engage and capture the imagination. Lush detail, lyrical writing and stirring characters make this story memorable. Although the cast of characters is large, each individual possesses a singular personality. As the characters mature, readers will rejoice
in their triumphs and mourn their losses.

Five years after Bridei has become King of the Priteni, it's time to rid the land of Gaelic invaders. Princess Ana has been a royal hostage for years and is instructed to marry Alpin of Briar Wood, who is of strategic importance to Bridei. Ana arrives in Briar Wood to find secrets, political intrigue and unexpected love. As Bridei and his army engage the enemy, duplicity is revealed to his loved ones. Ana's new love risks his life to warn Bridei, the Blade of Fortriu. (TOR, Oct., 496 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart