Image of The Blade Itself (The First Law: Book One)


Image of The Blade Itself (The First Law: Book One)

Abercrombie kicks off his series
masterfully with a heroic fantasy without conventional heroes. It's clearly the characters that take center stage here. Their dialogue is full of cynicism and wit, their lives full of intrigue, battles and magic. As multiple plotlines converge, motives and conflicts become clear.

In the city of Adua, former soldier Sand dan Glokta, disfigured and crippled after being tortured in the last war, is now an inquisitor and torturing confessions out of others. Captain Jezal dan Luthar, a pompous young nobleman, spends his days drinking and cheating at cards.

In the Northlands, a brutal warrior, Logen Ninefingers, loses everything in a savage attack and is traveling south to seek out the powerful magician Bayaz. Trouble is brewing, and these men will be drawn into a web of political conspiracy and ancient evil. (PYR, Oct., 432 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski