Versatile Shiloh Walker self-publishes a hot new urban fantasy series under a new name. Set in an Orlando overrun with shapeshifters and vamps, this series features a half-Amazon heroine struggling to make a living as a PI. Daniels cuts her troubled protagonist no slack, as Kit must face emotional demons from her past and present. Intriguing and complicated characters balance out the high-octane thrills and intense drama.

Half human/half Aneira Kit Colbana knows she is in big trouble once sexy and dangerous Damon walks into her office. Damon has a job for Kit: find the missing teenage nephew of the local Cat Alpha. The problem? The Alpha, or “My Lady,” as she is known, is both menacing and crazy. Still, because young Doyle may be nearing his first shift, finding him is critical. Being forced to work with Damon is annoying, but after realizing this case involves more than one missing teen, Kit recognizes she is going to need specialized help to pull this off. (JCDANIELSBLOG.WORDPRESS.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith