Ex-PI-turned-psychologist Blaize McCue is forced to face painful memories when former high school friend Sunny Wright returns to town. Sunny has been receiving threatening notes from a man who calls himself "Mac the Knife." When they were 16, Sunny and Blaize were raped by a man known as Mac. He's apparently back in town and wants to finish what he started.

Blaize reluctantly gets involved in the search for her friend's missing niece Connie. When both Connie and Sunny are stabbed to death, Blaize tries to find the connection between these two and Mac. Detective Stephanos Zoloski finds himself torn between admiring her ability to uncover clues and fearing for her safety. Blaize's past relationships have been unsuccessful, but something about Zoloski clicks.

Mac makes his intentions clear when he sends Blaize a chilling reminder of their former meeting. Blaize must reach into the past to try to uncover the truth, before he makes good on his deadly promise.

BLAIZE OF GLORY turns up the heat with its gritty and spine-tingling suspense. Talented new author Louise Crawford has created two magnetic and highly engaging characters. I for one would be very happy to see them both make a return engagement. (Jan.,, $3.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith