After more than a decade, gifted writer Crawford makes a much welcomed return to the gritty and dangerous world of Blaize McCue and Stephanos Zoloski. This is the fourth chapter in Crawford’s series featuring the adventures of ex-PI turned psychologist Blaize and homicide detective Zoloski. Crawford excels at delivering hard-edged suspense and dark drama that is populated with unforgettable characters. Great stuff!

It is only weeks away from the wedding of Blaize and Zoloski, and Blaize is getting a tad nervous. A call from good friend and FBI agent Nicole Jackson is a diversion, as Nick wants Blaize and Zoloski to continue to babysit her 8-year-old daughter, Jenny. Then tragedy strikes as Nick is found shot, beaten and comatose in the trunk of her car. What was Nick working on that nearly got her killed? For Jenny’s sake, Blaize feels compelled to investigate, especially since the one thing Nick said before sliding into a coma was to find Jenny’s father. But what Blaize discovers takes things in a whole new, and very dangerous, direction! (MUNDANIA.COM, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith