At age 28, Lucy Fitzhenry's goal in life is to turn her formerly perfectionist self into an impractical and slightly wicked woman of the world. As a responsible, workaholic botanist for a high-class chocolate company, Lucy's mouth waters at the sight of flawlessly roasted cacao beans. The boss's handsome grandson has a similar effect on her -- and he succeeds like no one else in bringing out her wild side.

Chocolatier Nick Bernard has dated only high-maintenance, stiletto-wearing women. But after a hot night of passion following one of Lucy's big breakthroughs, he finds himself drawn to the sneaker-clad, mud-covered dynamo managing his family's cacao plants. Love's path rarely runs smooth, though, and both characters wonder if the force between them is due to affection or merely the powerful sensation brought on by overindulgence in chocolate.

Greene's novel has a terrifically likable hero and heroine. The sexual chemistry between them sizzles, the romantic plot is emotionally compelling and the subject matter at the heart of the story is interesting. After all, who could resist reading about chocolate? (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel