Image of Blame It On Paris


Image of Blame It On Paris

Greene's latest novel is an amusing adventure that showcases France as
a fun -- if somewhat dangerous -- romantic getaway and also gives readers a taste of small-town America. The author creates a likable ensemble of characters, and her narrative is smoothly written and the dialogue is very humorous.

Kelly Rochard, a forensic accountant who tracks credit-card fraud, is not so fortunate with her own identity-theft issues. She's mugged in Paris soon after her arrival, and this incident sets off a chain reaction of problems, many of them involving a hunky American male who comes to her rescue on the Parisian streets.

Like Kelly, Will Maguire's hometown is South Bend, Ind. Unlike her, he's vowed never to return there. Will enjoys his relatively aimless life among the French, but he soon discovers Kelly's determined to come to terms with her past, and she wants him to do the same. If their relationship stands a chance of working, Will needs to cross the Atlantic, battle his family and fight for her. (HQN, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel