Hill's historical romance is the latest in her Knights of the Ruby Order series, but differs a bit from the previous books. In Blaze, both of her main characters are healers and both see spiritual apparitions. The emotions are often raw, but the hero and heroine are interesting. Their struggle to overcome personal demons and adversity is hard but the outcome is worth more than rubies.

Melody is a Dame of the Opal. Her talents lie in healing, and when she meets Blaze she knows his soul needs to be healed in the worst way. His life has not been easy and, although a Knight of the Ruby Order, he refuses to use a sword in battle. Instead, he uses martial arts to take down his enemies. But when it comes to love, he is as helpless as a newborn babe. Besides, no woman would want him with the ghosts that ride his shoulders day and night; the memories of his enslavement in a madhouse when he was young. But the more he's with Melody, the more she seems to understand him, for she has a ghost- spirit of her own. (, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith