Image of Blaze


Image of Blaze

This second book in Swan’s Phoenix Rising series builds on the first, but delivers a more satisfying story and characters. Although a touch of the paranormal is found in the enhanced abilities of the Phoenix Rising team, this story is centered on the mystery and the relationships. Readers will want to continue the series to see how the evil government conspiracy plays out, even if they find the commitment conflict between the two main characters a little tiring.

FBI agent Keira is shocked when former lover Luke shows up at the hostage rescue command post outside a cult compound where they are teamed up to take out the cult leader. Keira and Luke were part of a firefighting team exposed to some strange chemicals, which left them with enhanced abilities. Keira is determined to rescue a young boy with whom she feels a strange connection. They soon discover more layers to a government experimentation conspiracy connected to the chemical explosion. (BRAVA, Oct., 384 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan