Image of Bled Dry (Vegas Vampires, Book 3)


Image of Bled Dry (Vegas Vampires, Book 3)

Vampires, babies and politics generally are not a good mix, but in McCarthy's newest Vegas Vampires tale, they
certainly are wacky. Her sometimes dangerous and somewhat kooky characters add a special humorous charm to these stories of love and political maneuvering. McCarthy is on a winning streak!

One night with a vampire leaves dentist Brittany Baldizzi pregnant. The father, Corbin Atelier, is a French vampire research scientist working on a cure for vampirism. Since Brittany's father was also a vampire, the forthcoming baby will be three-quarters vampire and possibly quite unique. Corbin knows he must keep the baby news secret, so staying away from Brittany seems a logical solution.

But Corbin's burgeoning parental instincts keep trumping his common sense. Brittany's baby could also complicate the upcoming vampire presidential election because her brother-in-law is up for re-election. Since politics are involved and this is Las Vegas, all bets are off. (BERKLEY, May, 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith