Image of Blessed By a Demon's Mark (Kat Redding)


Image of Blessed By a Demon's Mark (Kat Redding)

Moore’s latest entry in her Kat Redding series has all of the action and gritty adventure of this first two, and none of the fluffy romance to get in the way of Lady Death and her adversary. Once you meet Kat and her take-no-prisoners attitude, you won’t miss a thing. Steady pacing and nonstop action guarantees the pages won’t stop turning.

Kat Redding is Lady Death. And when she comes for you, it’s too late to run. Now that she’s thinking of walking away from the killing business, she is tempted by Beligral, a demon whose help comes at a growing cost. She also has to contend with everything from a werewolf cult to the vampire Countess Baset, who wants Kat as her own personal hired gun. Her refuge is the unusual town of Delai, where she can shed “Lady Death” and just be Kat. But she can’t escape the feeling that something seems wrong. Once again she must rise to fight, and decide which side is worth risking her life for. (KENSINGTON, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes