The only person in the world who can talk wealthy corporate mogul Jason Wilding into doing something he doesnt want to do is his younger brother David. While Jason went off to become a corporate giant in New York, David stayed in Abernathy, KY and became a doctor. The two brothers have remained close and now David is requesting Jasons help in romancing the woman he professes to love. David is smitten by lovely young widow Amy Thompkins. However, with a rambunctious six year old named Max, Amy is not currently in the market for romance.

David knows how good Jason is with kids and figures Jason can babysit Max while he and Amy get to know each other. Fearing that Amy would never let Jason into the house if she knew his true identity, David tells her that Jason is his gay cousin recovering from a recent break-up. Jason is horrified when he comprehends the convoluted mess David has dropped him into, but soon he too is smitten by Amy and young Max.

Torn between his love for his brother and his growing attachment to Amy and her son, Jason becomes a behind the scenes fairy godfather to the financially strapped single mother. Keeping his generosity a secret is leading to a wild series of lies, half-truths and machinations. If Amy ever finds out the truth, there may be hell to pay!

Jude Deveraux hits just the right note with this captivating novel that is perfect for the holiday season. Filled with charm, joy and sweetness, THE BLESSING is guaranteed to lighten your mood. (July., 288 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith