Image of Blessings: Sommerfeld Trilogy #3 (Truly Yours Romance Club #19)


Image of Blessings: Sommerfeld Trilogy #3 (Truly Yours Romance Club #19)

This story looks at how Christian characters deal with disappointments related
to following their heart versus following the wishes of their family and community. Faith is predictably constant throughout, though it's tested.

Trina would love to become a veterinarian, but it requires a college education, which is not the norm in her Mennonite community. Graham wants nothing more than to marry Trina. He believes that being a wife and mother is the highest calling a woman could have and doesn't understand how Trina could desire a career outside the home.

Trina's non-Mennonite friend Beth is supportive of her dream and does what she can to help her get into college. Tensions rise when Trina's parents learn what she's doing. Will following her heart cause Trina to lose those she loves, or are her worldly desires truly the work of God? (BARBOUR, Feb., 288 pp., $9.97)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee