Wealthy writer Brianne Bailey lives in an immaculate home secluded in the Ozarks. Little does she know her recently constructed pond will destroy Mitch Fowler's small cabin below her house. The situation borders on humorous when, after torrential storms, Mitch and his newly reclaimed boys are stranded with Bree in her spotless home. The boys bring a puppy they found near the cabin, and Bree barely tolerates the stray family in a home filled with white carpet and fine furniture. The tale's credibility begins to fade when in one scene, they are able to hike down to a main road where they encounter county workers whom Mitch knows and, for some unexplainable reason, Mitch and his boys do not return to their home in town, but instead go back to stay with Bree. Valerie Hansen's BLESSINGS OF THE HEART (2) is filled with humorous scenes of contrast between Rachel's staunch cleanliness and Mitch's muddy boys, but the romance happens entirely too fast.

Reviewed by: 
Beth Goddard