The results of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan's latest project chill her blood: The victim's face is a dead ringer for her 17-year-old adopted daughter, Jane.

Eve's longtime lover, Detective Joe Quinn, learns that a Scotland Yard detective has been making inquiries about their victim, claiming that she is just one of an international string of look-alike women murdered by a serial killer.

Having grown up on the mean streets, Jane is no pushover. Recently, though, she's been plagued by frightening dreams of a woman named Cira fighting her way though dark smoke- and heat-filled tunnels. Jane is disturbed to learn that Cira was a real woman who lived two thousand years ago and could be her twin. It seems that the killer is also obsessed with Cira and is making every attempt to wipe out all traces of her—including those who wear her face.

Feisty Jane really comes into her own in Johansen's stunning and terrifying new thriller. The Eve Duncan books are always emotionally charged and gripping, but now Jane is about to give Eve a run for her money as great heroine material. (Sep., 336 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M . Smith