Readers who haven't yet discovered Ms. Laniers terrific, unique suspense tales are in for a treat. This is the fourth book in the series which follows the riveting exploits of Jo Beth and her magnificent dogs.

Jo Beth Siddens breeds and trains bloodhounds as search and rescue, drug, arson and cadaver dogs. Police officials come from all over to purchase dogs and train with her. Jo Beth also has a homicidal ex-husband who stalks her. The headache that is her ex, Bubba Siddens, has been in and out of prison, but always gets out due to his daddy's money and influence.

Jo Beth's friend and ex-lover, Sheriff Hank Cribbs, asks for her help on an unconventional case. Samuel Debbs was convicted of kidnapping and murdering two babies 30 years ago. Now dying of a heart condition, Debbs has finally been released from prison. He has always maintained his innocence, and Hank asks Jo Beth to nose around and see if there is any basis to his claim.

Intrigued, Jo Beth starts digging and finds that some of the facts don't add up. Was an innocent man railroaded? With the help of her exceptional blind bloodhound Bobby Lee, Jo Beth will uncover the truth.

(July, 288 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith