Image of The Dating Games #2: Blind Date (Volume 2)


Image of The Dating Games #2: Blind Date (Volume 2)

Cassidy, Emma, Bryn, Abby and Devon continue to be quite a diverse group of friends who often delve into frenemy territory, creating stress and drama that mirrors the teenage experience. Their struggle over how to treat Devon when she takes steps in a negative direction demonstrates how we should be forgiving and patient in imitation of Christ.

The stakes get higher as the members of the Dating Games club agree to trust each other to set up blind dates for the school masquerade dance, promising to be gracious no matter who ends up as their costumed counterparts. True to form, however, Devon decides that her disappointment in her date, magnified by the way her mother has been ignoring her, can be best handled by drinking vodka and alienating the friends who want to help. (REVELL, Jun., 224 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland