Intense and intelligent, this story draws the reader into a unique and claustrophobic world from the first page, and never lets up. Truly excellent.

Scientist Marion Kagan is the only survivor after a commando-style attack on the underground facility where her team has been working on a classified nuclear project. Badly wounded and trapped, Marion is the only one who can prevent a catastrophic accident. But the world thinks she's dead.

Meanwhile, miles away, a Jane Doe patient who's been in a coma for years suddenly awakens. An experimental program being tested on her reveals her thoughts, leading her caregivers to contact ex-cop Mark Shaw, who's just returned from Iraq. An acquaintance of Marion's, Mark discovers a connection between the Jane Doe and Marion that leads to many more questions, and one conclusion: It's possible that Marion is still alive. It falls to Mark to track her down. (MIRA, Sep., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer