Image of Blind Instinct


Image of Blind Instinct

The final book in Brand's trilogy is as complex and tightly written as the others, and lovers Sara and Marc are well matched. Skeptics beware: reincarnation is huge part of the plot--but you probably don't have to believe to enjoy.

Going through her father's things after his death, librarian Sara Fischer finds a codebook used by the Nazis in World War II. There's something uncannily familiar about it--something that reminds Sara of terrifying dreams she had as a child. But were they dreams, or past-life memories? Sara calls an old friend, Marc Bayard, now an official with a federal intelligence agency, for help.

But being close to Bayard brings the nightmares back, convincing Sara that they've been together before, working in the Resistance. Not that there's time to dwell on it; they're instantly plunged into a high-stakes game with far-reaching consequences. The other players will stop at nothing to regain the book and its lucrative secrets--as Sara and Bayard soon discover. (MIRA, May, 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer