In this riveting debut mystery, Dr. Sara Linton has moved from Atlanta to her tiny hometown of Heartsdale, GA to be the town pediatrician and coroner. She hopes to see less violence there than in the big city. However, when she finds professor Sibyl Adams raped and murdered, she becomes involved in a horrifying series of killings that somehow seem to be directed at her. Det. Lena Adams, shattered and furious about her sisters death, insists on helping Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver, Sara's ex-husband, investigate but neither of them knows that Sara has a secret in her past that connects her to the killer.

BLINDSIGHTED contains a fair amount of graphic violence, but given the subject matter, its never gratuitous, just utterly terrifying, this is every woman's nightmare. Though Slaughter's story is beautifully written, fast-paced and puzzling, the real joy of the book comes from its two strong, smart, emotionally complex female protagonists who don't really like each other as they work together to catch a killer. Theres also a touch of romance in Sara's and Jeffrey's continued attraction to each other, and, best of all, this is the first in a series! (Available now, 310 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie