Image of Bliss, Inc. (Indigo Love Spectrum)


Image of Bliss, Inc. (Indigo Love Spectrum)

Canton has done it again. This is
a beautiful love story that you won't want to see end. Her sensational romance takes on social issues
without preaching.

Paige Baldwin and Matthew Smythe meet when Paige ditches another endless blind date and Matthew escapes his brother's engagement party. The only single man there, he feels like the door prize. They end up in each other's arms, just for one night. But, oh, what a night!

Matthew, a high school history teacher, wants to see Paige again but doesn't know where she lives. Paige, who owns Bliss, Inc., a wedding-planning company, can't stop thinking about him either. When she wins a prestigious contract to plan the wedding of Michael Smythe and Jennifer Klein, it turns out that Michael is Matthew's brother. The duo is formally introduced, and their love affair burns up the rails between Long Island and Harlem. Will love triumph over race and class? (Genesis, Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis