Thea Devine makes the blistering heat of South Africa soar to new high temperatures in this erotic romance with a thriller edge.

Moreton Estabrook founded the colony at Bliss River for dissolute ex-patriots to engage in every hedonistic and carnal experience imaginable. Into this group comes Charles Elliot and his dreams of revenge. Among them, Charles hopes to find his mother and those responsible for his father's death.

On his journey he meets Georgiana Maitland, whose only desire is to leave Bliss River and go to her father in England. When Charles is accused of a murder he didn't commit and sentenced to die, Georgiana makes him a bargain: she'll get him freed if he takes her to England.

As they flee the colony, they develop a relationship not unlike that of harem master and sex slave, playing out their heated games and fantasies. But in England, plans of revenge, ancient hatreds, Estabrook's greed and their own passion sets another chain of events in motion.

With a complex plot, intriguing characters and erotic passions, Thea Devine gives her fans exactly what they desire. She knows just the right sexual fantasies to tap into—those of the harem and those that run under the rules of "proper" society. She titillates, provokes and arouses. Each sentence, each nuance and double entendre drips with sensuality, and the riveting plot, which is reminiscent of a Greek play, will keep you fascinated. There is no doubt that Ms. Devine intends to give bliss a new meaning. SPICY (Jul., 300 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin