The small town of Ely holds lots of memories for three friends who've decided to return for the summer. Dumped by her cheating ex-husband, Lily Kallio is looking to salvage her self-esteem. When Lily needs help turning on the cabin's water, she doesn't expect her "handyman" to be a younger former classmate and the NHL's best winger Billy Bianchich.

For Ceci Cignoli, her relationship with Nick Zuber, the sexiest and most sought after guide in the boundary waters, has left her in a quandary. Both have lived the wild life with no ties or expectations, however Ceci is beginning to wonder about the long-term prospects with Zuber.

Born with a golden spoon in her mouth, Serena Howard has mostly concentrated her sexual exploits on rich married types. However, she soon finds herself enticed by the local sheriff, Frankie Aronson.

Three blondes are on the prowl this summer, so you can expect the heat to rise exponentially. Susan Johnson brings the sexy and sensual writing style she is famous for into the present with her first contemporary novel. (Jun., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith