Image of Blood Always Tells


Image of Blood Always Tells

Davidson has penned an outstanding novel that entertains with its carefully plotted tale of kidnapping, murder and duplicity. Impressive from the outset, the surprises continue throughout until the clincher at the end. Her talent for character development shines as each person blends flawlessly into the story.

Dominique Monaghan puts a muscle relaxant in the drink of her cheating boyfriend, Gary Cowan, to get him to say a few damaging remarks on tape. It turns out Gary is married to, and dependent on, a wealthy socialite for his livelihood. When Dominique’s scheme backfires, she makes a frantic call to her big brother, Desmond Edgars, who’s been cleaning up Dominique’s antics since their mother was convicted of murdering Dominique’s abusive father and Desmond stepped into the breach. Desmond arrives in town to a tragedy that sets him on the trail of a murderer. But the circumstances reek of conspiracy and lead him down several paths. (FORGE, Apr., 320 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown