McKenna’s offshoot of the McCloud brothers’ series may convince you that Dad McCloud was right when he taught the boys that there are conspiracies everywhere. After all, if you run into creepy, evil-scientist types, who better to call for help than the extreme survivalist-trained McClouds? And you also get a romance with super-hot sex to boot.

Lily started taking care of her alcohol and drug-using father when she was just a child. After several suicide attempts, his eventual death in a mental institution doesn’t seem unusual — except to Lily. Lily is soon on the run, trying to track down the cryptic clues her father mumbled the day he died. Bruno is attracted to Lily. But his skepticism that her life is threatened turns to total disbelief when she claims it is associated with his mother’s death two decades ago. Bruno becomes a believer as they are stalked by seemingly omniscient adversaries who know their every move, and the reason behind childhood nightmares is revealed. (BRAVA, Oct., 503 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan