Image of Blood Bath & Beyond: An Immortality Bites Mystery


Image of Blood Bath & Beyond: An Immortality Bites Mystery

Sarah Dearly and her vampire fiancé are back and in a new genre! Rowen jumps from paranormal romance to paranormal mystery without skipping a beat. In the beginning of the book, Rowen removes all of Sarah’s friends. You won’t miss them; Sarah is so lovable that you won’t notice. A child vamp and her caretaker also add a very fun layer to an already strong story. Here’s hoping Sarah will have many more adventures in her new series.

Sarah has had issues being engaged to a centuries-old master vampire before, but never anything like this. Thierry has agreed to take a job with the Ring, a secret council that keeps vampires in line. This job requires a commitment of 50 years of travel and danger. Sarah goes along on his first job, which is in Vegas. That sounds a lot more fun than it turns out to be, when Thierry’s life is threatened and he is framed for murder. Sarah must clear his name before the love of her life is staked and their chance of an immortal life together vanishes. (OBSIDIAN, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer