Image of Blood Born


Image of Blood Born

Two outstanding talents combine forces to produce
a terrific launch book for
their hot new supernatural series. These authors' talents mesh extremely well, delivering a book that is fast paced, yet supports the introduction of a number of intriguing characters. This book has everything a lover of paranormal romance could desire. Awesome!

Chloe Fallon has no idea the strange recurring dream she is having is actually a warrior from another dimension trying to contact her. Chloe's bloodline means she is a conduit who can bring the warrior of her blood back to Earth to stop a vampire plot.

Luca Ambrus is an ancient and rare blood-born vampire who has worked as an enforcer for the vampire council. A loner with the strange ability to make humans and most vampires forget him, Luca is disturbed by a call from his friend Hector, who has discovered a rebel vampire plot to kill all conduits. When Luca saves Chloe, he discovers that for some reason, she can remember him. The rebels won't stop, so unless Luca can find their traitorous queen, Chloe isn't safe. (BALLANTINE, May, 468 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith