Image of Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock, Book 2)


Image of Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock, Book 2)

In a genre flooded with strong, sexy females, Jane Yellowrock is unique. A skinwalker, a shifter who hunts rogue vampires and shares her body with a mountain lion she calls beast, her bold first-person narrative shows she's one tough cookie but with a likable vulnerability. Appealing characters, action and a touch of romance provide thrills. Hunter expands on the world she built in book one and sets her characters on a pulse-pounding, page-turning adventure.

Jane is living in the French Quarter with her best friend, Molly, a powerful earth witch, and Molly's children. The New Orleans Vampire Council hires her to hunt and kill a master vamp who's turning scions and setting them free as feral killing machines. But first she must elude the most powerful vamp in the city, Leo Pellissier. She killed the creature who took over his son's body, and now he wants her dead. (ROC, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski